There will be a "memorial picnic" for Bucky =this Saturday=, October 11th, at Wiegand's Lake Park, 9390 Kinsman Road, Novelty, Ohio.  We have planned a nice program and hope you can come. The formal part of the day will start at 1 PM in our dance hall; come a little early. The program should last an hour or so, and if you do come later, everyone will probably still be at the park until at least 4 PM.  We'll have a big dessert and coffee buffet, as well as walking, green machine (ATV Gator), and wagon tours of the park.  You can even take a boat ride if you'd like!

Bucky always said "Leave the place a little better than you found it."  Please feel welcome to come see how he left it!

There will be photos, guestbooks, scholarship-donation cards, remembrance cards to write on, a "remembrance table" of things we have and things you might want to bring, and souvenirs to take home (mostly involving planting things, of course.)

The ceremony will include a brief "sermonette", music, and an opportunity for people to say a few words. We have no idea how many people are coming.