2008 - Bucky in the Glen  (click for larger)


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Ella Schilter (later Wiegand), Bucky's mother, is 
at the lower left. The photo is of her church choir up 
in Canada.


The "Big Wiegand Reunion".  Bucky is sitting on the ground 
there, third from left, front row, age 9. The middle and back 
rows have Bucky's dad, Bapop, his dad's nine siblings, and 
various spouses and family friends and cousins. Bucky's 
Grandma Wiegand (i.e., Katie's great-great-grandmother) (she
who is responsible for the ten children) is at the right end of 
the second row. And we think that's great-great-grandpa 
Wiegand standing off at the right end. The reunion was up 
in Ontario (where much of the family came from), on 
the shores of Lake Huron, the summer before Bucky's parents 
bought the land that later became Wiegand's Lake Park.


Howard (his brother), Eileen (his sister), Robert ("Bucky"),
looking spiffy in a tie. This might be at the park - Bucky 
was just about this age (10 years old) when his parents 
bought the property.


Picnicking near the future location of the yellow swing.
The lake will someday be down behind the picnickers.
(At least, we think that's the direction the camera's facing


Bucky, around age 18. He has already developed 
the unique hair style.


Bucky, in his early 20's


Bucky ca age 20, Ella Wiegand (his mom), Howard (his brother),
home on leave, during WWII. They're standing near where the 
yellow swing is now, looking towards the dam (yes, the lake has 
been built!) Bucky served from 1942 to 1946 as an ensign in 
the Navy.


Wilfred W ("Bapop") and Ella Wiegand, Bucky's parents,
and the founders of Wiegand's Lake. Photo from about 1960.

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